About us

Established in March of 2016, Somethin' Girlie is a women's clothing and accessory boutique located in Downtown Colorado City, Texas. 

Pictured: Owners, Cheryl & Lindsey Rivera

Somethin' Girlie.

One thing that often surprises our customers is the story behind the name of our boutique. This has been a dream of Lindsey's for sometime and when we were brainstorming name ideas for the store - one significant name stood out among the rest. 'Girlie' is the name of Cheryl's Mother, Lindsey's grandmother. The name was so unique we knew we had to incorporate it into our store. Since she passed away when Cheryl was only 10 years old we thought it would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to her memory while also describing the style of our store. So the name was born; Somethin' Girlie. Girlie's picture is displayed in the store and we love telling the story to our customers.


Big City Fashion in a Small Town. 

Colorado City is approximately 4,000 people. Small, right? Lindsey and Cheryl both moved to Colorado City from the North Houston Area in 2013. When they arrived Lindsey realized that the fashion she was used to in bigger towns was few and far between. Starting out doing small pop up shops, Lindsey and Cheryl began to see the demand for a store that catered to women who wanted to dress trendy for an affordable price. After finding the perfect location Somethin' Girlie opened in March of 2016. 


Fancy. Casual. Small. 3X. We have it all. 

Women of all shapes, styles, and tastes can shop with us! We try to have something for everyone. The edgy girl, the girly girl, or even the simple girl.